Google Allo : incognito in Snapchat style

Google Allo Messenger App

At is the new messaging app developed by Google. The incognito mode allows you to send encrypted messages, possibly by setting a timer. On expiry of the time, the text will disappear from the conversation.

At Google ‘s messaging app for iOS and Android announced at the recent Google I / O 2016, along with Google Duo . While waiting for the official release, which should take place in the coming weeks, the Android Police website received some pictures / screenshots taken from a preliminary version. You can then compare At Hangouts to find the differences.

During the event reserved to the developers, the Mountain View company has outlined the main features of the application. At allows you to send text, photos, stickers and emoji as other messaging app, but offers some unique features, including incognito mode similar to that of Chrome. For conversations it is used the encryption end-to-end principle that, unlike WhatsApp, is therefore not active by default. The background color changes, Google Assistant is disabled, notifications do not show the content of messages and conversations will only appear in the list of the name of the sender, not the preview of sent / received messages.

The most interesting feature are as ephemeral messages , like those of Snapchat. Chats incognito mode is a timer next to the name of the recipient and the user can set the expiration desired (5/10/30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week). You can not change the deadline for the messages already sent and the one set applies to all future messages, unless it is not changed by one of the two participants. Unfortunately it lacks a countdown indicating when the message will disappear from the history of the conversation. Here are some photos of incognito mode (screenshots are not permitted):


In the preliminary version is not an option for backup or cloud sync, then you will lose all the contents and history in case of reinstallation of Allo. Unlike Hangouts it is available instead the universal search within the app, and you can delete the messages from the history, as well as photos and videos from your smartphone, just like WhatsApp.

The latest concerns the ” adhesive .” At offers three pre-installed sticker pack, but 24 others are available for download (you can see a preview of each sticker pack). Some are animated and rather funny, like Julio the Bull , described as “a seducer at night and a junkie of the day Fitness”. It is however not sure that these stickers will be present in the final version of Allo.


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